Africa is back..! One reason to go..


After two very long years we can’t just help being excited!

With travel being off our agenda and adapting to a new covid normal, it seems that there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. Africa is back! Guess it is time to get those tucked away travel bags out of the cupboard. Walking boots on and that awesome safari gear that you are dying to pack!

Surviving covid has given us all a reality check and how we should be living our lives better. Exploring more and not waiting for time to simply pass us by. Many of the destinations in Africa are gradually rebuilding tourism and conservation initiatives. The industry has taken the brunt by supporting the wildlife we love most.

So now that the borders are open and the world is slowly becoming vaccinated and protocols are in place. It is time and one reason only to get your wildlife on and get out there! We are working on selected conservation safaris to the destinations that we support through African Parks and other various camps for 2023.

Highlighting wildlife conservation and being away from the masses.

Will help us to explore further into destinations that we wouldn’t normally go. Experiencing wildlife by walking, canoeing, game viewing and for the adventurous you may like a bit of horseback riding too.

The safari camps where we stay are small and intimate off the beaten path with less interaction of the norms, and everyday life. Living each day to the sounds of the bush and to the beating drum of Ground Hornbills early in the morning. Capturing every moment by memory and the fast snapping of small or large camera’s. We are mesmerised by the African culture, land and its people with their beautiful smiling faces and kind hospitality. Coming home with a never ending urge just to go back again.!

If Africa sounds a little like where you would like to be in 2023 then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Now that our beautiful, revamped website is up we will be uploading more information over the coming weeks to our Explore page.

We are based in Melbourne so feel free to pop in and see us from Monday to Friday!


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