"This is the Serengeti, one of the last great havens of big game left on earth. It is renown for big cats - leopard, lion and cheetah - and the wildebeest migration.

Elephant browse the riverbanks, buffalo and antelope graze the high ridges and everywhere are the sounds and sights of smaller things from birds to mongoose to tortoise."

The Serengeti of your dreams……with Mark  Thornton

When we imagine a walking safari through Africa we see overland trucks roaring around animals and charging through the wilderness. Not to forget that was me in one of those trucks once! Since then I have enjoyed Africa in a whole new level. This is your chance to let go of that madness, to find your adventurous side and walk along side those majestic animals that call Africa home.

For those who want to see a truly unique perspective of Africa then this adventure is definitely for you. A walking safari through Africa’s most inspiring National Park, the Serengeti. Over 10 days you will cover 100 kms of this beautiful park while not letting go of the little luxuries that only Africa can provide.

Following game paths, not roads you are given the opportunity to stalk wildlife, possibly visit caves with ancient paintings of the Masai or find obsidian arrow heads used for hunting many years ago that still lay out on the plains. Each day is different and unpredictable as only Mother Nature can provide, one thing that is certain, this will be an unforgettable experience.

Picture this: as the sun is rising over the vast Serengeti, you are woken to the smell of hot, freshly brewed coffee and the stirring of animals near by. After a hearty breakfast you take off for your adventure with your daypack ready to go. Walking with only the sounds of nature your senses come alive and you become very aware of your surroundings and the magnitude of this amazing experience. Learning about the foot prints of animals that had wandered through not long before, hearing the calls of spectacular birds and seeing large herds of animals grazing not too far away.

Once you have reached your next camp you are now able to take the time to wander around at your own pace and perhaps focus on smaller ecosystems within the Serengeti, or take this time to overlook the vastness that is Africa. Finish the day with a sundowner and talk of tales about the day you just had, and speculate on what kind of adventures you will have tomorrow.

With the best guides in the business all your needs are taken care of. They will provide luxury where you wouldn’t think it was possible. Their knowledge is unparalleled and their stories will keep you mesmerised throughout this adventure. A new side of Africa and the Serengeti will be opened to you and you will never forget this majestic experience.

For more information on our Africa safaris in Tanzania, please contact Justine on +61459308888 or email us on justine@reisvoyage.com.au or hello@reisvoyage.com.auReis Voyage can create a tailored experience that lets you see, hear, live and breathe the beauty of this magical land.

Grab your passport… and prepare to be the world’s best wildlife photographer!




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