Congo Safari
"Packing our lunch for the day, I fasten my backpack ready for our first day of gorilla tracking..."

Arriving in Brazzaville we are full of wonder we spend our first night exploring and enjoy views of the infamous sister city of Kinshasa. We begin our 7-day tour of Ngaga Camp, located in the Ndzehi Forest of Odzala-Kokoua national park settling into our locally woven elevated canopy. The canopy is luxurious and I can see the gorillas and primates from above. A place so exotic and unspoiled, and reviving, it seems both timeless and serenely apart from the busy world at home. Surrounded by dense, green undergrowth, the only sounds I hear are birds chirping and water flowing from a nearby river.

Packing our lunch for the day, I fasten my backpack ready for our first day of gorilla tracking. In the afternoon we enjoy a change of pace during a walk out on the forest trails in search of the birds and mammals, followed by a cultural visit to nearby Ombo village. After a long day, we return to camp on foot through Lango Bai, one of the best remote jungle experiences of the trip. The next morning we begin a forest and savannah drive to our second camp, Lango Camp.

We have an early night to prepare for our boat trip down the Lekoli River tomorrow. Forest hogs play at the waters edge and as our journey comes to end it is nearly time to head off to the airstrip and onto our next destination.

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