• Zimbabwe
    Zimbabwe is renown for its magnificent Victoria falls and the mighty rivers of the Zambezi and Limpopo. The landlocked country offers a range of diverse wildlife habitats and remnants of lost civilisation, the Great Zimbabwe ruins.FIND OUT MORE
  • Secret Oman
    Dramatic mountain ranges plunge down to a blue green sea. An interior land of ancient history and beautiful green wadi's vary in contrast to the magical city of Muscat .FIND OUT MORE
  • Zambia
    Step away from time a country full of diversity and home to the best walking safaris in Southern Africa. Wilderness, birdlife and culture make it a rewarding destination to experience.FIND OUT MORE
  • Tanzania
    Astonishing natural scenery with one of the most spectacular annual wildebeest and zebra migrations. Tanzania boast's a extinct caldera full of wildlife, abundant birdlife and dramatic orange coloured sunsets that spread across the African sky.FIND OUT MORE
  • Kenya
    The country lies across the equator with stunning textured landscapes that are fascinating to the eye. The north lands are arid and desert areas that open up with the odd natural spring, to the south west the lands are fertile and home to the great lakes of the rift valley.FIND OUT MORE
  • The Republic of Congo
    Stunning dense forests of brilliant green and the intriguing lowland mountain gorilla. Forest elephants move through swampy wetlands, as red river hogs lay lazily on the edge of Lekoli RiverFIND OUT MORE
  • Botswana
    One of the most arid countries in Southern Africa, Botswana's remarkable flatness seems endless. The country offers a vast array of wildlife experiences and travel adventures.FIND OUT MORE
  • Rwanda
    Rwanda is home to the highly endangered, charismatic and majestical mountain gorilla. This fascinating country has one of the oldest national parks in Africa.FIND OUT MORE
  • Malawi
    Malawi a compact country has the third largest freshwater lake in Africa. Stretching for a distance of 580 kilometres this up and coming destination was discovered by the infamous Dr David Livingstone around 150 years ago.FIND OUT MORE
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