5 reasons why you should visit Zimbabwe in 2022…


When you think of Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is generally the first thing that comes to mind. Many travellers tick off Victoria Falls on their bucket list, then simply leave. A collapsed economy and a tragic past are two major reasons why. But with so many more natural and historical wonders to experience – often without the crowds – Zimbabwe is fast becoming a country known for more  than just the falls. If you’re thinking about visiting Zimbabwe in the future, here are 5 great reasons why you should think about extending your visit.

1.   Beautiful National Parks

Zimbabwe’s landscape is lush, with abundant waterways and tropical temperatures to match. This means it’s the ideal place for wildlife to survive and flourish. The government has preserved ten national parks across the country, including Hwange and Nyanga. Travellers to Zimbabwe can expect to see a rich array of well-protected wildlife, on safari. Not only this, but the majority of Zimbabwe’s national parks remain untouched and remote. This works to the traveller’s advantage as almost always guarantees a personal, intimate, wild and unscathed experience.

2.   Exceptional Wildlife

Zimbabwe is home to some of Africa’s most exclusive wildlife. Many of the national parks contain the famous, Big 5 – Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo and Rhino. The region’s remoteness, combined with skilled guiding, means you’ll almost certainly encounter wildlife.

Zimbabwe is also a world-famous birding destination. Hwange National Park contains some of the highest numbers of birds on the planet. The king cheetah in Gonarezhou and the samango monkey in the Eastern Highlands are two of the species unique to Zimbabwe, or found in limited areas elsewhere.

3.   Some of the world’s most brilliant Safari Guides

Zimbabwe’s guides are known for being some of the best guides in Africa – and in the world, for that matter – largely due to the country pioneering safari travel. The country’s guides are qualified rangers, with an attention to detail. Travellers will receive a safari experience with personalised attention.

4.   The People and Culture

Zimbabweans are extremely proud of their nation. Even with the political conflict, they continue to remain true to their unique character – generous, compassionate and hopeful. Known for being some of the most welcoming people in the world, you’ll certainly experience interesting personalities in your travels through Zimbabwe. Local craft markets and restaurants such as the “Boma” in Victoria Falls are another way to sample some of Zimbabwe’s culture.

5.   UNESCO World Heritage Sites

There are four different UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Zimbabwe: Mana Pools National Park, Matobos National Park, the Great Zimbabwe ruins, and of course, Victoria Falls. Travellers can expect experiences to these sites that are rich in history and heritage.

There are many other reasons to visit Zimbabwe, including its affordability and authentic accommodation options. Don’t risk missing out on everything Zimbabwe has to offer – hold onto that passport for a little while longer, before hopping onto that return flight home.

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