"My heart is certainly pounding as we find ourselves face to face with a herd of elephants."

We fly into Harare Zimbabwe’s capital city, excited about this well talked about country. We head north to a wildlife conservation area on the Zambezi River, Mana Pools. Greeted by slow walking elephants and lions, we only make up the few tourists that are visiting the national park today. Through the trees and unique vegetation we spot the surreal landscape of elephants and buffalo.

We’re told a trip to the Mana Pools isn’t complete without a canoe trip, so we jump in a thin green canoe for a few days. Bordered by lime scrubs and bamboo, we slowly float, an elephant is showering us with water from its trunk. Our camp at night is a mosquito net and small mattress. The next day we are at the mist and spectacular views of Victoria Falls it is breath taking. As part of our adventure we take a jeep over to the border to Zambia. We arrive to see a beautiful rainbow arched over the falls, giving a sense of serenity over the falling water. It’s easy to see why this is among the most awe-inspiring waterfalls in the world.

We finish our amazing time in Zimbabwe with a trip to Hwange National Park – thecountry’s largest game reserve. The sheer size of the park is best seen in a game viewer so we spend the day driving its huge expanses of bush and scattering of open plains to witness it’s large herds of animals.

On a remote main road we leave Zimbabwe and drive southwest to Botswana. We pass by local people sitting cross-legged chanting in front of their straw huts and wave out of sheer excitement. Experiencing the Okavango Delta we hop into a canoe, weaving our way through floating lilies down the river a herd of light coloured gazelle’s walks in a line down to the shallow edge and fish pop up from the water.

My heart is certainly pounding as we find ourselves face to face with a herd of elephants. After an enriching afternoon, we make it back to our home for the afternoon. We retire to the lounge area and like lions, slumbered under the hot African sun. We wake up to see Botswana today with an early morning game drive, we see an incredible number of animals: four groups of zebras, a group of giraffes, some elephants and a leopard. We also see a lion’s footprint. We spend the day listening and learning about the different animal footprints. We even happened to come across two leopards and their baby. It is our last morning in camp before we are transferred to the small airstrip to head home, the people we have met and photo’s that we have taken are life time treasures.

We are already planning when we will be back next.

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